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In all Assembly Elections in 2013 there has been a high turnout of voters who have exercised their voting rights. There are various parties contesting these elections and they are giving differing interpretations of these high turnouts of voters. Those who are in power interpreted it as a positive vote; and those who are in opposition called it as anti-incumbency vote. After 2-3 days the results would show who is more correct.

But the fact is that this time voter appears to risen to its rights, privileges and status. It would really be interesting to see if such an awakening is for some temporary reason or the new generation has become so awakened for all foreseeable future.

In these elections there were regional factors and some common factors which appear to contributed to this enthusiasm of voters. In Delhi the emergence of a new political party called AAP appears to be an important factor for the citizens to come to booths. Having felt bored by a monotonous BJP-Congress feud this time people have in front of them a third colour with a new set of political language and promises by AAP. Their language and aggressive style of projecting them have led common people to believe that these people are going to bring a sure-shot change.

In Rajasthan it has been a feud between Vasundhara Raje and Ashok Gahlot. In Chhattisgarh it was a story of Raman Singh. In Madhya Pradesh a contest was seen between Shivraj Singh and Vikramaditya Raje. The presence of national personalities has also contributed to a large extent for these heavy turnouts.

The presence of Narendra Modi appears to have changed a general perception of a common people in India. Even before elections he has become a Dream-Merchant; selling dreams to them. He promises to have made those dreams come true in his state Gujrat and is now making promises of the same tone and texture to India as a nation. In a sense he has attained the status of Indira Gandhi when some gentlemen used to compare her saying – Indira is India. These days people of India have started believing in Narendra Modi as a new (and the only) hope for future India. Modi has given them a believable assurance.

Congress brought its star campaigner Rahul Gandhi. He is certainly a bundle of young energy with new thoughts in politics. But there appears some problems in his emergence. There appears someone in the Congress itself who tried to eclipse his dawn. He is not being given his complete canvass to work. His thoughts and style have not been well communicated to his cadre also. And for this reason some media publications have shown him as a lighter-weight compared to Narendra Modi. But in fact it is not so.

Let us wait and watch the results.

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